About Musikkens Hus

Located on the waterfront of Aalborg and with a panoramic view of the Liim Fiord, you will find Musikkens Hus (House of Music) – the future musical gathering point of Northern Denmark and an architectural gem, designed by the internationally acknowledged architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.

The house has more than 20,000 m2 at its disposal, divided between nine storeys and – among other facilities – also four concert halls (with a capacity of up to 1,299 seats), an inviting restaurant, an interesting foyer together with educational and administrative facilities. The permanent residents are Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg, Aalborg University’s music programmes, the Danish Jazz History Centre, Musikkens Spisehus and Musikkens Hus’ own business activities.

Education and Research

Our ambition is that the gathering of educational, research and cultural institutions will result in forward-looking, dynamic synergies and collaborations to the benefit of both residents and visitors. Musikkens Hus buzzes with activities, and having four halls that have been acoustically optimized for their purposes, the house has presented a wide array of events since the opening of Concert Hall in March 2014.  

A Gathering House

Musikkens Hus is the place where people are joined in great musical experiences. It is an open and welcoming multi-purpose venue that brings together visitors, students and performing artists with a shared interest – namely music. 

A Moving House

The many architectural details of the house encourage exploration and movement. When you move through the house, you will experience walls that slope, stairs that twist and turn, round windows in countless sizes and carvings, cosy lounges and balconies, beautiful concert halls with glass panels and much more. Once you have moved through the house, it is our wish that you move into the halls and let the music move you. 

Musikkens Spisehus

In Musikkens Hus you find Musikkens Spisehus, which is a cosy restaurant, café and brasserie. It opened its doors to the public in March 2014. Here, you are welcome to drop by and enjoy a delicious meal or to extend your concert experience with an affordable dinner. Musikkens Spisehus always strives to create tasty dishes with sustainable and local ingredients and to design menus that change in pace with the seasons. Read more about Musikkens Spisehus here.