Care & Responsibility

Like all other businesses, Musikkens Hus (House of Music) shares the responsibility for the society which we are a part of, the people who surround us and the planet we inhabit.

And so it is our wish that Musikkens Hus always acts thoughtfully and with care, and that we integrate social and environmental considerations in our activities. In this way, we hope to make a difference in all the areas which we are able to impact in a positive way. 

Solar Energy and Water from the Fjord

Musikkens Hus has installed 263 solar panels which will contribute to bringing down the energy consumption of the building all year round. In addition, the house will utilize water from the Fjord in order to cool down the house for most of the year. This type of cooling is possible at times when the Fjord is cooler than the desired temperature of the house. In these instances, it will only be necessary to use power for the central heating pump. 

Ventilation and Daylight

The degree of ventilation in rehearsal rooms, offices and conference rooms are determined by the capacity of the individual room. In this manner, the house does not consume more energy on ventilation than strictly necessary, and this is also the reason why rehearsal rooms are only ventilated when in use. Furthermore, the foyer utilizes natural ventilation.

The building is also designed with energy saving measures in mind. The round windows and glass floors in the foyer reduce the need for artificial lighting by making the most of natural daylight.