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What Is a Cookie?

Today, almost all websites use cookies. In many cases, cookies are necessary in order to provide a certain service on the website.

Cookies are small data files which your browser places on your computer or device (PC, tablet, smart phone etc.) in order to remember your choices. Cookies are used e.g. to generate statistics on your use of the website and for optimizing the content of the page. A cookie is a passive file and cannot gather information from your computer, spread computer viruses or other malicious programs. Some cookies are placed by another party (third-party) than the one, listed in the address bar in your browser (the URL). The cookies may be standard content but also e.g. analysis tools or embedded comment boxes. This means that cookies from other parties than the owner of the website are being stored.

Some cookies are only stored on your computer or device as long as your browser is open (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your computer or device for a longer period of time (persistent cookies). When you re-visit a website, a persistent cookie is usually renewed.

Cookies at

At, cookies are used to study how the website is being used. The statistical information is anonymous and cannot be related to named users.

Following types of cookies are being used at

As first-party, places:

Two session cookies for the purpose of remembering various types of information when you visit These cookies expire when you close the browser.

One persistent cookie for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to share content on various services. This cookie is stored for two years.

In addition, third-parties place cookies at places two session cookies and two persistent cookies which facilitate sharing of content on social media, e.g. “tweet this” or “share this on Facebook”. The two session cookies are deleted when you close the browser. The persistent cookies are deleted after two years. places a session cookie and a persistent cookie with the purpose of remembering which browser you use in relation to the use of google.maps. The session cookie is deleted when you close the browser. The persistent cookie is deleted after six months.

How to Remove/Avoid Cookies

Deleting or avoiding the placement of cookies on your computer or device, depends on your browser.

If you are using a PC, you can delete cookies by using the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete].

If this does not work, or if you are using e.g. a MAC computer, click on the link below that matches your browser to learn more:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Flash cookies

Why Do We Inform About Cookies?

All Danish websites are obligated to inform which cookies that are being placed on your computer or device. This information must be in agreement with the Danish cookie directive “Bekendtgørelse om krav til information og samtykke ved lagring af og adgang til oplysninger i slutbrugeres terminaludstyr”.

Link to directive (Danish only)

Link to instructions (Danish only)

Should you have any question regarding cookies at, please contact us at