02/ 04

Kl. 20:00

DKK (1) 325,- (2) 275,- incl. fee

Lisa Ekdahl

Warm-hearted and sincere Swedish siren song

The Swedish songbird returns to Musikkens Hus (House of Music) once more in order to enchant and move the Concert Hall audience. 

Lisa Ekdahl's velvety voice and Nordic sound have brought her world-fame. She can make an entire audience hold their breaths when she performs her songs with her very special sensitivity.

We know Ekdahl's greatest pop hits in her mother tongue such as “Vem Vät” and “Öppna upp dit fönster”; however, in Europe and in particularly in France they love the downplayed and laid-back way she plays jazz and bossa nova.

This warm-hearted evening in the company of the charming Lisa Ekdahl is an event to look forward to as you will get to hear sincere melodies and get a smile on your face. 

About Lisa Ekdahl

The gracious singer released her first and self-titled album in 1994, which sold four times platinum and made her a household name in entire Scandinavia. The very same year, she won as many as three Grammys – including album of the year and pop artist of the year.

Subsequently, Lisa Ekdahl has recorded several albums in Swedish as well as English and she has cooperated with prominent foreign artists such as Rod Stewart on the single “Where or When” and our very own Lars H.U.G. on the single “Backwards”. 

Ekdahl's most recent album “Look To Your Own Heart” from 2015 was recorded after a prolonged stay in Cuba, where she was inspired by the country's culture and joie de vivre:

”After a long European tour in 2009, we went to Cuba where I discovered the colours for the new album. I wasn't looking to make a Cuban album as such; however, I wanted to recall the warmth, happiness and pace that I experienced in Cuba. We have played live at pretty large venues, my small band and I. Every single gig felt extremely intimate despite the size of the venues. I wanted to bring that feeling into the studio.” – Lisa Ekdahl 

Performing artists

Lisa Ekdal, vocals
Mathias Blomdahl, guitar, bass and vocals
Josef Zakrisson, bass, drums and vocals
Per “Texas” Johansson, saxophone, clarinet and flutes
Milton Öhrström, piano, organ and mellotrone