19/ 05

Kl. 19:00

Dkk. (1) 430,- (2) 380,- (3) 330,- incl. fee

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™

The Harry Potter™ film universe is one of the most loved throughout time. For the first time ever you can experience it with a live symphony orchestra when Musikkens Hus show the first film in the Film Concert Series in Gigantium, Aalborg.

As Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ is playing on a big screen Aalborg Symphony Orchestra will perform every note from the movie. An unusual and magnificent way to experience JK Rowling's Wizarding World. 

Join us and the orphaned Harry on an adventurous journey filled with Witchcraft and Wizardry and relive the magic of the film in HD, while hearing the orchestra perform the film's fantastic score composed by Oscar winner John Williams. 

Brought to you by Musikkens Hus, CineConcert og Warner Bros. Consumer Products.